Legendary ancient Chinese monster

Here are some pictures of traditional chinese heavenly-beings/demons/hell-beings. Note that not all of them are ‘evil’. Some are of governors of hell.

Bi Xie (辟邪)- Evil Deflector
Bi Xie (辟邪)- Evil Deflector

Pan Guan (判官)- Judge in Hell
Pan Guan (判官)- Judge in Hell

Qi Lang (七郎)
Qi Lang (七郎)
Qi Lang was one of the generals (the no. 7) in the General Yang family . According to folklore, he was trying to save his brother when Pan Renmei took a revenge on him by poisoning him in his drinks and later tied him onto a tree and shot him to death. Legend had it that after his death, he became the governor of all the innocent and wandering spirits between the hell and earth.

Xing Tian (刑天)
Xing Tian (刑天) – Executioner of the Heaven

Long Nu (龙女) - Dragon Lady
Long Nu (龙女) – Dragon Lady

Ye Cha  (夜叉)
Ye Cha (夜叉) – the servitor of Long Nu

Er Lang  (二郎)
Er Lang (二郎) – one of the heavenly beings with a third eye that can see very far

Hu Xian (狐仙) - Fox Spirit
Hu Xian (狐仙) – Fox Spirit

Ma Mian (马面) - Horse Face
Ma Mian (马面) – Horse Face, working in the hell

Niu Tou (牛头) - OX Head

Niu Tou (牛头) – OX Head
Ox-Head (牛头) and Horse-Face (马面) are two fearsome guardians of Underworld in Chinese mythology, where the dead face judgement (and punishment) prior to reincarnation. As indicated by their names, one has the head of an ox, and the other has the head of horse. They are the first people a dead soul meets upon arriving in the Underworld; in many stories they directly escort the newly dead to the Underworld (apparently some try to run away). Usually, the two are mentioned together (牛头马面).
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    Who is the artist, their depictions are beutiful

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    WOW!!!! These are some awesome pics!!!! The art is so detailed!!!

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    I’d love to know the name of the artist!!

  4. Smith says:

    Thank you visit my blog. The author of these pics named ZhangWang(张旺). Here is his blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1216607987

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    oh,I miss it. You can just search his pics from China SE ‘baidu’. Use this url http://image.baidu.com/i?ct=201326592&cl=2&lm=-1&tn=baiduimage&pv=&word=%D5%C5%CD%FA&z=0&rn=21&pn=20&ln=793

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    keep up the good work smith

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    good job, Smith.

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